SOLO 727 Battery Baton Charger

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Solo 727 Battery Baton Charger

The SOLO 727 Battery Baton Charger enables fast charging of the Solo 770 Battery Batons that are used to power the Solo 460, Testifire and Scorpion. The Solo 727 has recently been introduced and is designed to charge the Solo 770 battery batons. The Solo 725 or Solo 726 chargers are needed to charge Solo 760 battery batons.

Solo 727 Key features include:

  • Fast charges in less than 90 minutes
  • Can be used via mains power or in-vehicle outlet
  • Compatible with Solo 770 Battery Batons
  • Product code: Solo 727-001


The SOLO 727 provides the same functionality as before – enabling fast charging of Battery Batons from both mains power and in-vehicle outlets. Each charger and battery combination is designed and certified to give a 60-90 minutes charge time i.e. Solo726 charges Solo760 batons, and Solo727 charges Solo770 batons.


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