SOLO 200 Detector Removal Tool

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Solo 200 Universal Detector Removal Tool

The SOLO 200 Detector Removal Tool suitable for use with the majority of detectors on today’s market. Colour coded tri-grips twist into place to create different size combinations. The combinations of the tri-grips enable removal / replacement of differing size detectors, ensuring that one tool is all that you will need. The Solo 200 has a universal joint ensuring that the tool remains parallel with the ceiling while in use, providing easy extraction and replacement – even on detectors that cannot be accessed from directly underneath.

With the ability to create various size combinations, the Solo 200 universal detector removal tool is designed to suit the majority of smoke, CO and heat detectors for removal, inspection and replacement. The Solo tool has colour coded grips that simply twist in to place and the universal joint allows the tool to remain parallel with the ceiling. This makes it ideal for the removal of detectors installed in sloping ceilings.


Key features include:

  • Universal design
  • Ideal for most makes and types of detectors
  • Allows removal / replacement of detectors at angles
  • Adjustable for different sizes of detectors
  • Suitable for use at angles
  • Lifetime warranty*
  • Compatible with Solo access poles
  • Universal design suits a wide range of detectors
  • Various size combinations created with the colour coded twist grips
  • Ideal for detector removal, inspection and replacement
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Suitable for the removal of detectors installed on sloping ceilings
  • Designed for use in conjunction with a Solo telescopic access pole
  • Product Code: Solo 200-001


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