SOLO 372 ASD Adaptor

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Solo 372 ASD Adaptor

The Solo 372 ASD Adaptor works by replacing the clear cup on the Solo 365 and the design of the adapter allows easy alignment with a ASD sampling hole to help provide a functional test of the system. This not only leads to a more professional approach to maintenance, but will offer a simpler and cleaner solution which can enable faster testing at a reduced cost.

SOLO 372 ASD Adaptor Key features include:

  • Adaptor fitted to Solo 365 in place of the standard clear cup.
  • Easily fits within Solo 365
  • Product code: Solo372-001


The benefits include:

  • Latest technology
  • Slim design
  • Lightweight
  • Test standard point smoke detectors
  • Professional approach to maintenance
  • Simpler and cleaner solution
  • Fasting testing
  • Reduces the cost


SOLO 365 Smoke Detector Tester Key features:

  • ‘Auto-start’  – proximity sensor automatically initiates test
  • Flexible head – easy testing of hard-to-access detectors
  • LED Auto-torch for testing in dark areas
  • Clearing mode – for eliminating re-alarms
  • Fast detector activation
  • Uses non-pressurised, non-hazardous smoke cartridges
  • Optional ASD Adaptor allows for testing of ASD systems
  • Product code: Solo 365-001


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