SOLO 371 Smoke Generator

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Solo 371 Smoke Generator


SOLO 371 Smoke Generator distinguishes itself from the rest with its cutting-edge features and reliable performance. Engineered with utmost precision, this smoke detector ensures optimal performance and accuracy, enabling swift identification of potential fire hazards. Let us delve into the key attributes that make the Solo 371-001 the ultimate choice for fire safety:

A replacement smoke generator for use with Solo 365.

Key features include:

  • Field replaceable part
  • Easily fits within Solo 365
  • Product code: Solo371-1 Pack-001


The Solo 371-001 smoke detector is designed to facilitate hassle-free replacement and installation. With its user-friendly interface and clear instructions, it can be effortlessly installed by both professionals and individuals. Its compatibility with standard mounting systems ensures a seamless transition from your old smoke detector to the Solo 371-001 model.

When it comes to replacing your smoke detector, the Solo 371-001 provides a convenient solution. Its intuitive design and compatibility with existing wiring systems simplify the replacement process, eliminating unnecessary complications or additional expenses. Enjoy the benefits of advanced fire detection technology without the need for extensive rewiring or additional costs.


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