IBEDA DS1000 Resettable Flashback Arrestors

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Resettable Flashback arrestors

Gas safety devices for single cylinders, tapping points and distribution lines according to EN ISO 5175-1

Type: DS1000, DS2000


  • Dust filter promotes long life
  • Gas non-return valve (check valve) prevents dangerous gas mixtures
  • Flame arrestor prevents flashback
  • Thermal cut-off valve prevents excessive temperatures
  • Resettable pressure-sensitive gas cut-off system stops gas flow

IBEDA offers resettable flash arrestors with flame barriers, thermal shut-off valves, gas non-return valves (check valves) and pressure-sensitive cut-off valves. The resettable flashback arrestors DS1000 and DS2000 have the safety features of a flame barrier, a thermal shut-off valve, a gas non-return valve (check valve), and a pressure-sensitive cut-off valve thus meeting the requirements of a flash arrester described in EN ISO 5175-1. The pressure-sensitive cut-off valve stops the gas flow in the case of a pressure shock.

The thermal shut-off valve stops the gas flow in the case of a hose burn back. The integrated flame barrier extinguishes the flashbacks and protects the valve to make sure it works safely even after a flashback. In order to continue working the user has to look for the cause of the flashback. Once the problem is corrected, the safety device is reset and work can be continued. IBEDA offers resettable flash arrestors for many industrial gases (fuel gases) such as acetylene, hydrogen, methane, natural gas, propane, propylene, butane, as well as oxygen and compressed air.






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