BARKSDALE III-L Actuated Heavy Duty Valves

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Actuated Heavy Duty Valves – Series III-L , Pilot Operated Shear-Seal® Directional Control

Valve, integrated actuator for up to 5,000 psi


BARKSDALE III-L Actuated Heavy Duty Valves valve provides an optimal solution for the upmost reliability and safety by combining the dependable features of our heavy duty Shear-Seal® valves with the reliability of the integrated actuator, providing an all in one package saving customers time in installation and maintenance.

BARKSDALE III-L Actuated Heavy Duty Valves with the ability to handle high pressure demands between 3000 to 5000 psi while maintaining a high flow capability of 75 GPM, the Series III-L is well suited to tolerate contaminated media. The combination of the high flow and high pressure and virtually zero-leakage* makes the Series III-L valve the choice for the toughest applications where zero-leakage* is a must.



  • Original Shear-Seal® technology
  • 2 & 3 position valve
  • 2 position actuated valve
  • Manual override Air or hydraulic integrated actuator
  • Superior shifting performance
  • High flow with low pressure drop
  • Rugged integrated solution
  • Extended shaft for alternate position sensor
  • Robust detent stop
  • Panel mounting option
  • Position indication option
  • Suitable for hydraulic & water glycol media



  • Land-based oil drilling controls
  • BOP accumulator units
  • Test systems
  • Workover rigs
  • Mobile drilling rigs
  • Hydraulic based industrial applications


Barksdale offers more than 500 product families and millions of configured options to measure, monitor and control processes essential to the industrial, oil and gas, and transportation industries. We can make basic modifications to these standard products and options to ensure they’re exactly matched to your project’s requirements. Our customization capabilities include:

  • Communication protocols
  • Custom outputs
  • Electrical connection
  • Level or temperature probe length and output
  • Port size and location
  • Extended pressure, temperature or flow ranges
  • Process connection
  • Product certification
  • Factory setpoints for temperatures and pressures
  • Design and validation for specific media compatibility
  • Wetted material (fitting, diaphragm, O-ring)
  • Wire cable, color and length