TESTIFIRE 2000 Smoke/Heat/CO Test Head

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Testifire 2000-001 Smoke, Heat and CO Detector Tester – Head Only


Testifire 2000 Smoke/Heat/CO Test Head Series is the worlds first multi-stimulus detector tester for smoke, heat and CO fire detectors. 2000 Smoke/Heat/CO Test Head does this without using pressurised cans of gas or other hazardous goods. The Testifire range of products offer the best value multi-sensor testing equipment available. This removes the need to transport pressurised containers containing smoke or carbon monoxide to site, presenting a massive advantage.


Features & Benefits

  • Testing with one tool is faster and more productive
  • Less tools and equipment to carry around
  • Combined stimuli, delivers quicker activation times for combination detectors
  • Unique Clearing Cycle provides rapid detector reset with no repeat alarms
  • Fully reverse compatible with the Solo range of poles, battery batons and chargers.
  • Ideal in any application, Land, Air and Marine
  • A must have addition to any Professional Engineers Tool Suite
  • Reduced carriage and shipping costs – no pressurised cans of gas
  • Reduced Test Stimuli Re-stocking and freight costs – no pressurised cans of gas


TESTIFIRE 2000 Smoke/Heat/CO Test Head Includes:

  • Testifire 2000-001 Head Unit – 1 x
  • TS3-001 Smoke Capsule – 1 x
  • TC3-001 CO Capsule – 1 x


Testifire 2000 Smoke/Heat/CO Test Head

  • Features clearing mode to eliminate re-alarms
  • High heat setting allows for testing of heat detectors set to 100°c
  • For use with Solo access poles and Testifire TS3 smoke cartridges & Testifire TC3 CO cartridges


TS3 Testifire Smoke Capsules

  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-pressurised smoke cartridge for use with Testifire 1000 and Testifire 2000 ranges


TC3 Testifire CO Capsules

  • Non-hazardous
  • Non pressurised CO cartridge for use with Testifire 2000 range



Smoke , Heat & CO Tester


Smoke & Heat Tester


CO Capsule


Smoke Capsule

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