SENSIDYNE Smoke Test Kit

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SENSIDYNE Smoke Test Kit

Sensidyne Air Flow Indicator Kit and Respirator Fit Test meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 respiratory protection standard. Kit is virtually maintenance free and ideal for qualitative fit testing for workers wearing respirators (such as N95 filtering face piece respirators). Includes ten (10) No. 5100 smoke tubes, aspirator bulb, tube caps, and a carrying case. Easy-to-use aspirator bulb renders the test substance in a consistent and precise manner, 6 bulb compressions per min is equal to 200 ml. It performs fit testing for a low cost per test and no need of awkward hoods or test enclosures.

The Kit’s smoke tubes are also perfect for HVAC air flow indication.


Sensidyne Smoke Tube Air Flow Indicator Kit

The Sensidyne Air Flow Indicator Kit is highly recommended to track air flow currents for HVAC, and for qualitative fit testing respirators.

SENSIDYNE Smoke Test Kit contains:

Manual Air Flow Indicator and Respirator Fit Test Kit

Part No.          Description
7014094 Smoke Tube Air Flow Indicator Kit
5100 Smoke Tubes, Box of 10
7017471 Aspirator Bulb
7015377P Tube Tip Breaker (package of 5)
7014093 Carrying Pouch

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