CANNON Zeitfuchs Cross-Arm Viscometer (Reversed Flow)

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ASTM D445, ASTM 2170, ISO 3104

The Zeitfuchs Cross-Arm Viscometer measures kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque Newtonian liquids according to ASTM D445 and ISO 3104. Filling and cleaning does not require removal from the constant temperature bath. Minimum sample volume is 1 mL to 3 mL. Minimum bath depth is 230 mm (9 in). Unity factor series has a constant within ± 0.2% of the values listed. Viscometers are provided with a certificate of calibration and instruction sheet. Permanently attached round or rectangular metal holders are included or may be ordered separately.

Also used to measure kinematic viscosity of kiquid (cutback) asphalts and road oils according to ASTM D2170.

Zeitfuchs Cross-Arm Viscometers

Catalog Number Size Approximate Constant
Viscosity Range (mm²/s)†
without holders with round metal holders* with rectangular metal holders** Low High
Standard Unity Factor Standard Unity Factor Standard Unity Factor
9723-S50 9723-U50 9723-W50 9721-Y50 9724-B50 9724-D50 1 0.003 0.6 2.0
9723-S53 9723-U53 9723-W53 9723-Y53 9724-B53 9724-D53 2 0.01 2.0 10
9723-S56 9723-U56 9723-W56 9723-Y56 9724-B56 9724-D56 3 0.03 6.0 30
9723-S59 9723-U59 9723-W59 9723-Y59 9724-B59 9724-D59 4 0.1 20 100
9723-S62 9723-U62 9723-W62 9723-Y62 9724-B62 9724-D62 5 0.3 60 300
9723-S65 9723-U65 9723-W65 9723-Y65 9724-B65 9724-D65 6 1.0 200 1000
9723-S68 9723-U68 9723-W68 9723-Y68 9724-B68 9724-D68 7 3.0 600 3000
9723-S71 9723-U71 9723-W71 9723-Y71 9724-B71 9724-D71 8 10 2000 10000
9723-S74 9723-U74 9723-W74 9723-Y74 9724-B74 9724-D74 9 30 6000 30000
9723-S77 9723-U77 9723-W77 9723-Y77 9724-B77 9724-D77 10 100 20000 100000

† Viscosity ranges in mm²/s represent flow times of 200 to 1000 seconds
* round holder is compatible with a 51 mm (2 in) diameter port



** rectangular holder is compatible with a bath opening of 25 mm × 48 mm (1 in × 1.9 in)

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9723-S50, 9723-S53, 9723-S56, 9723-S59, 9723-S62, 9723-S65, 9723-S68, 9723-S71, 9723-S74, 9723-S77, 9723-U50, 9723-U53, 9723-U56, 9723-U59, 9723-U62, 9723-U65, 9723-U68, 9723-U71, 9723-U74, 9723-U77, 9723-W50, 9723-W53, 9723-W56, 9723-W59, 9723-W62, 9723-W65, 9723-W68, 9723-W71, 9723-W74, 9723-W77, 9721-Y50, 9723-Y53, 9723-Y56, 9723-Y59, 9723-Y62, 9723-Y65, 9723-Y68, 9723-Y71, 9723-Y74, 9723-Y77, 9724-B50, 9724-B53, 9724-B56, 9724-B59, 9724-B62, 9724-B65, 9724-B68, 9724-B71, 9724-B74, 9724-B77, 9724-D50, 9724-D53, 9724-D56, 9724-D59, 9724-D62, 9724-D65, 9724-D68, 9724-D71, 9724-D74, 9724-D77