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Recycle Tool


The CALGAZ Recycle Tool model 4250 & model 4260 is designed to decommission cylinders, making them easier and safer to discard. Proper use of the tool will leave a visible hole in the cylinder valve area. For 4250 Recycle Tool use with C10 valves. For 4260 Recycle Tool use with CGA 600 valves. Cylinders must be EMPTY before proceeding. Full cylinders must be safely relieved of pressure
by use of a regulator before proceeding with deactivation of the valve. Vent contents outdoors or under a properly rated lab hood. Flammable gas mixtures must be emptied away from all possible
sources of ignition. Read the MSDS if you are not sure about the flammability of the gas mixture. Some residual gas may escape during the procedure. Always wear safety glasses and proceed
slowly when working with the cylinders.



  • Always wear safety glasses when using these tools.
  • Use these tools only with cylinders manufactured by Calgaz.
  • If you feel unusual resistance while turning the handle, stop immediately and inspect the cylinder valve for damage.
  • Do not use wrenches or pliers to attach the tool to a cylinder, use only hand pressure.
  • Use the cylinder tools in a well ventilated area.
  • Do not use the tool if it fails to engage properly with the cylinder threads, otherwise injury may occur.
  • Always empty cylinders before using recycling tools.




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Calgaz Recycle Tool 4250 , 4260


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Recycle Tool

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