ATLANTIS Pressure Reducing Valve PRRA-LY

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ATLANTIS Pressure Reducing Valve PRRA-LY


ATLANTIS Pressure Reducing Valve PRRA-LY it’s a valve suitable for regulating gas pressure. This product has been precisely calculated, measured and processed to precisely adjust the pressure and has a long service life. The sensing system also has a smooth adjustment process and high stability.

RE-ATLANTIS developed a series of digital industrial gauges, including digital pressure gauges, digital thermometers and digital thermo-hygrometers, after the R&D group strived and invested. Became the lead brand of digital gauges in domestic and overseas markets.

RE-ATLANTIS Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established on January 9th, 1992, dealing in pressure gauges, thermometers, hygrometers and the related accessories, especially in pressure and temperature gauges as main products.



  • OEM service
  • Lightweight structural design, suitable for general pressure regulation requirements
  • Adopts stainless steel diaphragm as pressure measuring elements, which has long service life and
    good sensitivity
  • Adopts SS316L as body material, which is easy to maintain and good corrosion resistance
  • Adjust and control pressure by spring
  • Installation rack is optional for easier installation


Main Specification

  • Pressure gauge connection: Size: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”
  • Spec.: NPT, PT
  • Outlet pressure range: 150 psig (10 bar), 100 psig (7 bar), 50 psig (3.5bar)
  • Max. inlet pressure: 400 psig (28 bar)
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • Accessories (Option): Installation rack

Other Specifications

  • Body: SS316L
  • Measuring elements: Diaphragm & spring
  • Bonnet: SS316L
  • Stem: Copper alloy
  • Seat: PFA
  • Poppet: SS316L
  • Flow capacity: 400 psig / 27.6 bar
  • Gas inlet: Cv = 0.2
  • Max. pressure resistance: 150% of rated pressure




Additional information


1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 6”