ATLANTIS Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-S2.5

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Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-S2.5


Atlantis Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-S2.5 adopts piezoresistive silicon chip with high integrated circuit design. No moveable parts ensuring its long service life. High stability pressure sensor with high accuracy measurement makes ATLANTIS Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-S2.5 is suitable for measuring gas and liquid pressure on medical equipment or pneumatic machine.



  • OEM service
  • Economic digital pressure gauge
  • 4-digit LCD display with blue backlight
  • High integrated circuit ensuring its high stability


Main Specifications

  • Size: 2.5”(66mm)
  • Pressure connection: Material: SS304, 1/4”PT, 1/4”NPT
    Other thread type available upon request
  • Gauge pressure: 0…1 to 600bar
  • Vacuum pressure: -1…0bar
  • Applicable fluid: Liquid and gas that compatible with SS 304
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Fluid temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • Ambient humidity: 95% R.H.
  • Atmospheric pressure: 860…1060 mbar
  • Temperature error: Standard temp.: 22℃, max. error: ±0.5% F.S (@0~50℃)
  • CE certificate: EN61326-1:2013


Other Specifications

  • Ring: ABS, Screw fixed
  • Case: ABS
  • Screen display: 46 x 15 mm, 4-digit LCD with blue backlight
  • Refresh rate: 3 times/sec
  • Pressure unit: ≦100psi, psi, mH2O, mmHg, mbar, kPa, ≧160psi: psi, bar, kg/cm2, MPa, atm
  • Resolution: 0.001
  • Measuring elements: Piezoresistive silicon chip SS 316L diaphragm
  • Accuracy: ±1.0%F.S. (standard), ±0.5%F.S. (options)
  • Operating pressure: Overpressure: 1.5* full scale, Burst pressure: 3* full scale
  • Compensated temperature: -20°C to 75°C
  • Operating current: Max. 10mA
  • Power supply: AAA battery x2/5~12VDC external power supply
  • Battery life: Two years at auto power off mode
  • Service life: 200,000 times
  • Weight: 310g