ATLANTIS Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-0.25B3

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Multifunction Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-0.25B3.0 (5CD)


Atlantis Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-0.25B3 features integrated stainless steel design, complete functions, and high measuring accuracy. ATLANTIS Digital Pressure Gauge DPG-0.25B3 is suitable for a variety of industrial pressure testing requirements.



  • OEM service
  • Accuracy: 0.25%F.S.
  • 5-digit LCD display with backlight
  • Switchable pressure unit
  • Switchable max./min. pressure value display
  • With current remaining battery indicator
  • Refresh rate, auto off time, and backlight auto off time can be adjusted
  • 4-20ma output, switch signal output, RS485 output performance are available (Option)


Main Specifications

  • Size: 3” (83mm)
  • Installation type: Bottom mount
  • Pressure connection: Material: stainless steel, 1/4”NPT, Other thread spec. are available made-to-order
  • Pressure range: Gauge pressure▼0…200kPa to 35MPa, Negative pressure▼-30 to 0inHg
  • Applicable fluid: Liquid and gas that compatible with stainless steel
  • Ambient temperature: 0-50℃
  • Ambient humidity: <95%RH
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86-106kPa


Other Specifications

  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Screen display: 5-digit LCD display with backlight, Display range▼-99999~99999, Resolution▼0.0001
  • Screen size: 53 (W) x 28 (H)mm
  • Value refresh rate: 1~10 times/sec.
  • Power supply: AAA battery x3
  • Pressure unit: bar kg/cm2, kPa, MPa, ftH2O, mbar, inH2O, inHg, mmHg, psi
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S. (standard), ±0.25% F.S. (options)
  • Weight: 500g
  • Other requests (Option): Third party notarized documents, Inspection report, Tag, Customized dial (Brand, color, etc.),
  • Thread adapter: Adapt other type of thread, 4-20mA signal output-, Switch signal output, RS485 output