WAGNER L722 Lumber Stack Probe Sensor

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L722 Lumber Stack Probe Sensor


WAGNER L722 Lumber Stack Probe Sensor is available in two lengths, 40-inch and 26-inch, and can be used with the L622 handheld meter, the most feature-rich of our L600 series. With up to 5000+ readings stored on the meter, and the option to add the stack probe accessory, the L622 is the ideal tool for stringent moisture quality control requirements and consistent lumber production processes.

Thanks to the unique ability of Wagner moisture meters to truly read the moisture in the wood, not on the wood, the L722 Lumber Stack Probe provides accurate and reliable moisture content measurements that are not adversely affected by the presence of absorbed moisture on the lumber surface.

And with the included Stat Pak software, you can easily store, recall, and analyze the data collected from the L622 meter directly on your Windows-based PC for advanced analysis and long-term data storage.

Upgrade your moisture content quality control procedures with the reliable and rugged L722 Lumber Stack Probe and L622 handheld meter combination.


WAGNER L722 Lumber Stack Probe Sensor features:

  • Probe Reach: L722 Long: 40.5” (102.9cm); L722 Short: 27.75” (70.49cm)
  • Extrusion and Sensor Head Thickness: 0.5” (12.7mm)
  • Minimum/Maximum Sticker Thickness Range: 0.5” to 0.9” (12.7mm to 22.9mm)
  • Scanning Area: 2.5” x 2.5” (6.35cm x 6.35cm)
  • Scanning Depth: 1” minimum (25.4mm)
  • Weight: L722 Long: 78 oz. (2.2 Kg) L722 Short: 56 oz. (1.6 Kg)
  • Size Including Handle
  • L722 Long: L 48” x W 6” x H 1.625” (121.9cm x 15.2cm x 4.12cm)
  • L722 Short: L 34″ x W 6” x H 1.625” (86.3cm x 15.2cm x 4.12cm)

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