GENTEC LC856 Heavy Duty Regulator

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LC856 Series Heavy Duty Gas Line Regulators

GENTEC LC856 Heavy Duty Regulator is designed for final line pressure regulation. GENTEC LC856 Heavy Duty Regulator suitable for high flow gas distribution systems.

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  • Single-stage construction
  • Bonnet and body are made of forged stainless steel
  • Operating temperature: -320 ~ 140ºF (-196 ~ 60ºC)
  • Integrated diaphragm configuration ensures no-leak seal
  • Internal filter
  • Cleaned for oxygen service per CGA 4.1



Model Number

Maximum Inlet

Pressure psi (bar)

Maximum Delivery

Pressure psi (bar)






435 (30)

50 (3.5)

G 1″

G 1″
LC856-125 435 (30)

123 (8.5)

G 1″

G 1″

LC856-200 435 (30)

203 (14)

G 1″

G 1″


All of our products are manufactured under stringent quality control. We are ISO 9001:2001, ISO13485, and API certified. Our products meet UL, CE, SEMI, and various international standards and

The manufacturing facility is equipped with CNC machines, electro-polishing equipment, and precision automated orbital welding systems, among other features, to ensure the production of the highest quality products.



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LC856-50, LC856-125, LC856-200