DWYER Series 677B Differential Pressure Transmitter

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Series 677B Differential Pressure Transmitter

NEMA 4 Enclosure with Integral Mounting Bracket

Series 677B Differential Pressure Transmitters are designed to measure pressures as low as 0.1 in w.c. with ±0.4% accuracy. Use Series 677B for building energy management systems, environmental pollution control, oven pressurization, lab and fume hood control, HVAC and VAV applications. The transmitter features 15 psid overpressure, reverse polarity protection and EMI/RFI protection. Internal regulation permits use with unregulated DC power supplies. The NEMA 4 housing allows for versatile mounting locations and integral mounting tabs simplify installation.

Calibration Option available under Accessories.

Product Applications

  • Building energy management
  • Environmental pollution control
  • Lab and fume hood control
  • Variable air volume



  • NEMA 4 housing enables a range of use outdoor or indoor where water is present
  • High accuracy at low pressure ranges provides exceptional measurement for insuring tight-control and minimizing costly out of specification conditions
  • Use with unregulated DC power permits easy access to electrical supply reducing costly power conditioning and wiring




  • Service: Air and non-conductive, non-corrosive gases.
  • Wetted Materials: 302 SS, glass, nickel, silicone rubber and brass.
  • Accuracy: ±0.4% FS* at room temperature. *RSS includes non-linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability.
  • Stability: ±1% FS/yr.
  • Temperature Limits: > Operating and Compensated: 0 to 185°F (-18 to 85°C);
    Storage: -65 to 220°F (-54 to 105°C).
  • Pressure Limit: 15 psi (100 kPa).
  • Thermal Effects: (Includes zero and span) <0.028% FS/°F, 0 to 185°F (-18 to 85°C).
  • Power Requirements: 16 to 32 VDC.
  • Output: 4 to 20 mA DC, 2-wire.
  • Zero and Span Adjustments: Internally accessible potentiometers, noninteractive.
  • Response Time: Approximately 10 ms.
  • Max. Loop Resistance: DC: 0 to 800 Ohms.
  • Process Connection: 3/16″ OD barbed brass pressure fitting.
  • Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4 (IP65).
  • Weight: 11.5 oz (330 g).
  • Agency Approval: CE.


Models & Ordering

Model Description
677B-01 Range, 0-.1″ w.c.
677B-02 Range, 0-.25″ w.c.
677B-03 Range, 0-.5″ w.c.
677B-04 Range, 0-1″ w.c.
677B-05 Range, 0-2.5″ w.c.
677B-06 Range, 0-5″ w.c.
677B-07 Range, 0-10″ w.c.
677B-08 Range, 0-25″ w.c.
677B-12 Range, -0.1-0-0.1″ w.c.
677B-13 Range, -.25-0-.25″ w.c.
677B-14 Range, -0.5-0-0.5″ w.c.
677B-15 Range, -1-0-1″ w.c.




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677B-01, 677B-02, 677B-03, 677B-04, 677B-05, 677B-06, 677B-07, 677B-08, 677B-12, 677B-13, 677B-14, 677B-15