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CALGAZ Calibration 6D/103L


60 PPM CO/AIR (CZM6D100061)


CALGAZ CO/AIR (CZM6D100061) in size 6D and 6DM are globally approved steel cylinders. These CALGAZ CO/AIR (CZM6D100061) cylinders are ideally suited for non-reactive gas use. In addition steel cylinders are often specified for use in Mines and other explosive atmospheres (please check regulations). The 6D cylinder holds 103 litres nominal gas capacity and the 6DM being more compact 58 litres of gas. Calgaz has been the global leader in specialty calibration gases for over 45 years. With the largest range of calibration gases in non-refillable cylinders and equipment in the world and a large network of international distribution hubs Calgaz is truly the global leader.



  • Carbon Monoxide 60 PPM CO
  • Balance Gas: Air
  • 103 Liter
  • Cylinder Code: 6D


Applicable Meter:

  • MSA / 710882
  • Product Code: CZM6D100061
  • Manufacturer: CalGaz



  • Size: 6D/103 liters , 6DM/58 liters
  • Contents: 103 Litres* , 58 liters
  • Typical Fill Pressure : 153 bar / (2216 psig)
  • Dimensions: 6D: 345mm x 83mm (13 1/2” x 3 1/4”) , 6DM: 83mm x 204mm (3.259” x 8.093”)
  • Weight: 6D:1.4 kg (3 lb), 6DM:0.9 kg(1.90 lb)
  • Type: Refillable Reactive Gases Only
  • Cylinder Valve: CGA Type. Connection to cylinders varies with gas mixtures required.
  • Recommended Equipment: Most commonly used regulators include 700 Series, DFR 2000 Series, or 4200 Trigger regulators.