ATLANTIS Pressure Gauge with Peak Hold Pointer PHPG

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ATLANTIS Pressure Gauge with Peak Hold Pointer PHPG


ATLANTIS Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge with Peak Hold Pointer PHPG. Peak hold pointer can indicate the peak pressure value, ensuring the safety management in field operation

RE-ATLANTIS developed a series of digital industrial gauges, including digital pressure gauges, digital thermometers and digital thermo-hygrometers, after the R&D group strived and invested. Became the lead brand of digital gauges in domestic and overseas markets.

RE-ATLANTIS Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established on January 9th, 1992, dealing in pressure gauges, thermometers, hygrometers and the related accessories, especially in pressure and temperature gauges as main products.


Features :

  • Record peak pressure value
  • IP54 for dry type (Standard) / IP65 for liquid-filled type (Option)
  • Multiple choices of size and thread gauge, suitable for various installation environment


Main specifications:

  • Size
  • Installation type
    Bottom mount (A) / Bottom mount with flange (B) / Back mount (centric thread) (ADC) / Back mount with flange (centric thread) (BDC) / Back flange with flange (eccentric thread) (BDE)
  • Window
    PC / Glass
    O-ring sealed / PE gasket
  • Process connection
    Copper / Stainless steel
    Thread size: 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”
    Thread spec.: BSPT / NPT / PF
  • Pressure range
    Gauge pressure▼
    0…1 to 1000 bar
    Negative pressure▼
    -1…0 bar
    Compound pressure▼
    -1…1 to 20 bar
  • Ambient temperature
    -20°C to +60°C
  • Fluid temperature
    +60°C (Copper alloy type)
    +100°C (Stainless steel type)
  • Protection level
    IP54 for dry type (Standard) / IP65 for liquid-filled type (Option)
  • Ring
    Stainless steel
  • Pointer
    Aluminum with black enamel
  • Peak hold pointer
    Aluminum with black enamel/ Red plastic
  • Measuring elements
    Bourdon tube
    Material: Copper / Stainless steel
  • Accuracy
    Standard: ±1.6%F.S.
    Option: ±1.0%F.S.


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