ATLANTIS Pressure Switch AT505-18D

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Mechanical Compact Pressure Switch AT505-18D


Atlantis pressure switch AT505-18D adopts no leakage steel piston as pressure sensor, which is applicable to hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, light fuel oil and other neutral lubricating media. ATLANTIS Pressure Switch AT505-18D adjustable set point range 0.5⋯40MPa.

RE-ATLANTIS is a manufacturer specialized in industrial gauges. Concerning for a long time about the evolution, development and future tendency of the gauges in the market. RE-ATLANTIS always endeavors with much mental power and resource to research and develop the gauges, in order to promote the excellent products conform most to the need of market to support the gauge users, and expect to contribute to the gauge market.



  • OEM service
  • Set point field adjustment, adjustable range 0.5⋯40MPa
  • Adopts no leakage steel piston as pressure sensor
  • High switch frequency: 100 times/min


Main Specifications

  • Pressure connection: Material: stainless steel, Thread spec.: G1/4”
    Other thread spec. are available upon request
  • Installation: Bottom mount (15° tilt angle is acceptable)
  • Adjustable set point range: 0.5…40MPa
    For detail please refer to adjustable set point range table
  • Applicable media: Neutral lubricating media
  • Ambient temperature: -25 to 55℃
  • Media temperature: -25 to 80℃
  • Vibration-proof performance: Max. 100m/s2
  • Protection level: IP54


Other Specifications

  • Case: Die casting aluminum
  • Measure element: Piston, Material: Steel, NBR O-ring
  • Switch type: SPDT micro switch
  • Switching frequency: 100 times/min
  • Repeatability: ≤2.5%
  • Contact rating: AC220V, 6A (resistive load)
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Other request (Option): Third party notarized documents, Inspection report, Tag