ATLANTIS Mechanical Pressure Switch AT-JB

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Adjustable Pressure Switch AT-JB Series


Atlantis  pressure switch AT-JB has been applied to various industrial operation site to achieve auto pressure control. ATLANTIS Mechanical Pressure Switch AT-JB actuate point is adjustable through an internal screw. Mechanical stops protect both the spring and micro switch from overpressure.



  • OEM service
  • Specially design for hydraulic pressure system
  • Pressure sensor adopts diaphragm or piston to adapt various pressure measurement requests.
  • Adjustable pressure actuated point
  • Mechanical stops protection


Main Specifications

  • Dimension: AT-JB (A) (16 x 16 connector): 33 x 77 mm, AT-JB (A) (30 x 30 connector): 46 x 72 mm, AT-JB (B) (16 x 16 connector): 56 x 66 mm
  • Pressure connection: Material: stainless steel, 1/4”BSP male thread
  • Sealing: NBR / Viton / PTFE / EPDM / HNBR
  • Electrical connection: DIN 43650, 16 x 16 mm connector / 30 x 30 mm connector
  • Pressure range: Please refer to pressure range code table
  • Fixed hysteresis: Membrane – 10% of the end of scale Piston – 15% of the end of scale
  • Applicable fluid: Liquid and gas that compatible with stainless steel
  • Application: Hydraulic system pressure control
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +80°C
  • Protection level: IP65


Other Specifications

  • Body material: Stainless steel / Ottone brass / Zinc-plated carbon steel
  • Measuring elements: Piston/Membrane, Material: stainless steel
  • Switch type: SPDT micro switch, Switch function: Normally closed (NC) and normally opened (NO)
  • Switch frequency: 90 cycles/min
  • Contact rating: 0.5A @250VAC / 0.15A @110VDC
  • Max operating pressure: Please refer to pressure range code table
  • Accuracy: ±4% F.S. (@20°C)
  • Service life: 100,000 cycles (@70bar, 20°C)
  • Weight: 80g
  • Other requests (Option): Third party notarized document, Inspection report (issued by Re-Atlantis)
    Tag, Gold plated contact, Rubber protection cap, Preset pressure value (please specify)