ATLANTIS Digital Pressure Gauge DPS-K4

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Digital Pressure Switch DPS-K4.0


Atlantis Digital Pressure Gauge DPS-K4 integrated pressure measurement and control in one design with easy upper/lower limit and pressure unit setting. ATLANTIS Digital Pressure Gauge DPS-K4 bistable control circuit with no mechanical contact ensures its long service life.



  • OEM service
  • Easy switch wiring and setting
  • Affordable price with long service life
  • In-built relay x1 or x2
  • Adjustable upper and lower limit
  • Switchable pressure unit
  • One-button reset to zero
  • Vibration-resistance design
  • Short circuit and reverse current protection


Main Specifications

  • Size: 4”(100mm)
  • Installation type: Bottom mount/Back mount with flange
  • Pressure connection: Material: SS304L, 1/4”PT
    Other thread specifications are available upon request
  • Pressure range: Positive pressure: 0…0.1 to 100MPa, Negative pressure: -0.1…0 MPa
  • Applicable fluid: Liquid and gas that compatible with connection’s material
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Fluid temperature: +80°C
  • Operating humidity: 35~85% R.H.
  • Atmospheric pressure: 860…1060 mbar
  • Protection level: IP54


Other Specifications

  • Case: SS304L/Plastic
  • Screen display: 4-digit LED display
  • Screen size: 40 (W) x 17 (H) mm
  • Pressure unit Switchable unit: MPa, psi, kg/cm2, Ton
  • Resolution: 0.001
  • Power supply: DC: 12V/24V, AC: 220V/380V
  • Power consumption: 1W
  • Switch alarm signal: Relay x1 (standard)/Relay x2 (option)
  • Measuring elements: High-tech silicon chip SS 316L diaphragm
  • Accuracy: ±0.5%F.S. (standard), ±0.2%F.S. (option), ±1.0%F.S. (option)
  • Overpressure protection: 1.5*F.S.