ATLANTIS Pressure Switch ATHLP(S)

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Compact Pressure Switch ATHLP(S)


Atlantis pressure switch ATHLP(S) is mainly used to protect the refrigeration and air conditioning system. ATLANTIS Pressure Switch ATHLP(S) pressure can be automatically adjusted by intake or release pressure, and it can also be used to control the refrigeration compressor and air compressor fan switch.

RE-ATLANTIS is a manufacturer specialized in industrial gauges. Concerning for a long time about the evolution, development and future tendency of the gauges in the market. RE-ATLANTIS always endeavors with much mental power and resource to research and develop the gauges, in order to promote the excellent products conform most to the need of market to support the gauge users, and expect to contribute to the gauge market.



  • OEM service
  • Economic pressure switch with comprehensive applications
  • Renovated micro-switch structure ensures the reliable switch function
  • Standard support rack (L-shape) suits various kinds of application


Main Specifications

  • Pressure connection: Material: Chrome-plated copper alloy, 7/16”UNF (1/4”SAE)
  • Switch type: SPDTx1
  • Pressure range: Low side: 5 to 20 bar, High side: 5 to 30 kg ( Please refer to catalog P1 pressure setting range)
  • Wiring type: Screw clamp terminal blocks
  • Applicable fluid: Liquid and gas that compatible with copper alloy
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Operation temperature: -10°C to +80°C
  • Fluid temperature: -10°C to +80°C
  • Temperature effect: Every 12°C max. error ±0.5% F.S
  • Protection level: IP44


Other Specifications

  • Case: White ABS
  • Socket: Chrome-plated copper
  • Movement: Copper alloy
  • Operating pressure: Max. 30bar
  • Operating voltage: Max. 240V
  • Operating current: Max. 15A
  • Min. contact capacity: 50mA
  • Rack material: L-shape rack, galvanized iron