ATLANTIS 2-Valve Manifolds 2VM-RI

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ATLANTIS 2-Valve Manifolds (Remote Installation Type) 2VM-RI


ATLANTIS 2-Valve Manifolds 2VM-RI it’s a valve that opens automatically to relieve excessive pressure. An essential component for any industrial system / pipelines.

RE-ATLANTIS developed a series of digital industrial gauges, including digital pressure gauges, digital thermometers and digital thermo-hygrometers, after the R&D group strived and invested. Became the lead brand of digital gauges in domestic and overseas markets.

RE-ATLANTIS Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established on January 9th, 1992, dealing in pressure gauges, thermometers, hygrometers and the related accessories, especially in pressure and temperature gauges as main products.



  • Forged all-in-one structure provides high strength and durability
  • With one bleed valve and one block valve, enabling easily block, bleed and calibrate the static pressure,  transmitter, or gauge.


Main Specification

  • Body Dimensions: 120 x 18 mm
  • Process Connection: 1/2”NPT Male
  • Instrument Connection: 1/2”NPT Female
  • Bleed Connection: 1/4”NPT Female
  • Pressure: Please refer to working pressure / temperature table
  • Temperature: Please refer to working pressure / temperature table


Other Specification

  • Body: SS 316
  • Gland Body: SS 316
  • Gland Retainer: SS 316
  • Washer: SS 316
  • Packing: PFTE / Graphoil
  • Packing Washer: SS 316
  • Spindle: Stellited SS 316
  • Lock nut: SS 316
  • Setting screw: Steel
  • Handle: SS304 / Aluminum, Powder coated
  • Lock pin: SS 316 / SS 304
  • Dust Cap: LDPE
  • Vee Tip: 17-4 PH



Additional information


1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 6”